The Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services is proud to be able to offer on-line renewal for ambulance services. The accepted methods of payment are electronic check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). Payments include a small transaction fee for online renewals.

Upon successful completion of the online renewal process, you will receive a confirmation screen. If you do not receive a confirmation screen, your online renewal is not complete. Call KSBEMS at 785-296-7296 for assistance. Licenses and vehicle cards will be sent as soon as possible.

What you need to get started:

Please gather all relevant information pertaining to:
  • The Ambulance Service [KAR 109-2-2 (b)].
  • The Corporate information (if Service is owned by a Corporation).
  • All Ground and Air vehicles
  • Non-health Care Providers, if applicable (Drivers, pilots, and mechanics).
  • Last year EMS Data.
The prefilled fields reflect the current information we have on file for your service. Please make the appropriate changes necessary to keep your service file up to date. Some fields cannot be changed and you will need to contact the Board office. The following forms must be completed be submitted in hard copy form:
  • Equipment and Supply List, for each vehicle, validated by Service’s Medical Director [KAR 109-2- 2 (h) (2)]
  • Letter approving Medical protocol [KSA 65-6112 (r)]
  • Air worthiness Certificate if Air License [KAR 109-2-2 (d)]
  • Mechanical and Safety Inspection Forms (Ground) [KAR 109-2-2 (c)]
  • Non-health Care Provider Form [KAR 109-2-2 (b)]
  • Medical Director’s Agreement [KAR 109-2-2 (b) & KSA 65-6126]
Note: The two approval letter requirements can be fulfilled in one letter.

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Who CANNOT Renew Online

DO NOT proceed if:
  • You are attempting to license a new service. Contact the operations manager at the board office to request a service packet and scheduling the initial onsite inspection.
If the above applies to your service, please proceed with normal paper process.

Payment structure:

Please specify the type of service. Below are the costs of licensing renewal and transaction fees:
  • Ambulance Service: $100 per license
  • Vehicles: $40 each.